Don’t do it


“The following steps should NOT be taken by those attempting to bypass [Thailand’s] Ministry of Communication and Information’s blocking of websites…

“It is ILLEGAL to use this guide to quickly and easily access the world of free information on the internet. [Not the Nation] provides this information in the public interest as a clear example of what not to do, right now.

1. DO NOT log onto to
2. DO NOT download the latest package on this page:
3. DO NOT open the file, which will automatically install all the software you need.
4. DO NOT notice that a small icon now appears in your system tray, shaped like a small onion.
5. DO NOT right-click the onion and select “Start” from the pop-up menu.
6. DO NOT use the same menu to select “Message List” to see the Tor system slowly develop an anonymizing network.
7. Once its tells you “A circuit has been built” DO NOT then enjoy safe, censorship-free surfing to banned sites such as YouTube and Midnight University.”



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