Time out

No Rule of Lords this week. Here are some alternatives for people following events in Thailand:

The war of spiritual forces that control Thai politics (Chang Noi)

The general uprising (Sovereign Myth)

Still no word from the protector of the nation (New Mandala)

Sondhi explains “final solution” (Not the Nation)

And an interesting aside on Phibulsongkhram and the origin of สวัสดี sawatdi at Thai 101, citing a 1943 departmental order:

“His Excellency the Prime Minister has considered the matter and is of the opinion that in order to enhance the honor of ourselves and of the nation; in a manner fitting that the Thais be praised as a civilized people; and as speech reflects the status of one’s mind; therefore, the order has been given to emphatically urge all public servants to utter the phrase sawatdi to one another when meeting for the first time of the day. Doing so will befriend one another, and instill the habit of speaking only auspicious words. In addition, public servants are requested to assist in advising those in their households to also use the phrase sawatdi.”


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