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I didn’t mean what I ordered


The governor of Samut Sakhorn, just west of Bangkok, has said that he didn’t really mean what he wrote in a 26 October 2007 directive on migrant workers. After getting a lot of attention for apparently prohibiting “aliens’ culture” and warning factory owners to monitor their staff for criminal behaviour, Virayuth Iyamampha met with concerned groups on November 21 and issued another letter a week later saying that the directive of October 26 “may have given rise to ambiguity or misunderstanding of some sorts”…

“The Province has no intention or objective that it will ban alien labour from doing any cultural activities at all. [The letter was meant] only as a preliminary view, in the form of a warning, on not giving support for the disseminating of activities. But if the community considers that any cultural activities of alien labour are good activities, e.g. almsgiving at temples, etc., then support can be given. As for other activities that are matters which have no adverse effect on national security or connection to internal affairs, permission can perhaps be sought to give support in accordance with the standard rules of the administration, on a case-by-case basis.”

Whatever that means.

Update on previous post: Thailand imperilled by masculinity, not pregnancy


Thailand imperilled by masculinity, not pregnancy


Thailand’s coup leader has uncovered a new and serious threat to national security. No, it’s not imminent bloodshed of the sort that was supposedly about to tear the country asunder last year, obliging him to play the part of reluctant gentleman usurper.

Nor is it yet another clique of the former prime minister’s tricky supporters, hoping to sneak back into government via the forthcoming general election. This time the threat has come not from within but from abroad.

Is it the military regime in neighboring Burma? Unlikely, given that the army general felt that it used “correct procedure” in handling recent mass protests, and he didn’t believe the photos anyhow.

How about religious zealots hoping to stoke the flames of unrest in the south? Uh-uh, too difficult, not them either. No, the latest astonishing problem that General Sonthi Boonyaratglin has uncovered is childbirth.

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