Saffron Revolution

Citizens’ photographs of the monk-led protests against military dictatorship in Burma, September 2007

“May all beings without exception be happy”

(“Sabbasattā bhavantu sukhitattā”) – Metta Sutta

Photo: Mizzima/Myo Khin

4 October 2007, Hong Kong: Father Robert Reyes (Catholic Priest), solo protest


3 October 2007, Myanmar Embassy, Colombo


2 October 2007, Myanmar Embassy, Seoul


1 October 2007, Rangoon: DISAPPEARED PERSONS

Voices of families (Yoma 3, Burmese):…kaynaingzaw_sister.mp3…PoPoPyaeSone’sMother.mp3

1October 2007, Kwangju, Korea


29 September 2007, Rangoon: LOCKDOWN


28 September 2007, Rangoon:INTERNET LINES CUT


Eyewitness account: 20070928-rangoon.mp3 (MP3, Burmese)

28 September 2007, Hong Kong


28 September 2007, Bangkok

27 September 2007, Rangoon

20070927-rangoon-kht.JPG20070927-rangoon-kht-2.jpg20070927-rangoon-mmk-1.jpg20070927-rangoon-mmk-2.jpg20070927-rangoon-mmk-3.jpg20070927-rangoon-mmk-4.jpg20070927-rangoon-mmk-6.jpg20070927-rangoon-mmk-5.jpg20070927-rangoon-mmk-7.jpg20070927-rangoon-mmk-8.jpg20070927-rangoon-mmk-9.jpg20070926-rangoon-mmk-9.jpg20070927-rangoon-gmh-1.jpg20070927-rangoon-gmh-2.jpg20070927-rangoon-gmh-3.jpg20070927-rangoon-gmh-4.jpg20070927-rangoon-gmh-5.jpg20070927-rangoon-gmh-6.jpg20070927-rangoon-gmh-7.jpg20070927-rangoon-gmh-8-ld66.jpg20070927-rangoon-kht-5.jpg20070927-rangoon-kht-4.jpg20070927-rangoon-kht-3.jpg20070927-rangoon-kht-2.jpg20070927-rangoon-ssy-1.jpg20070927-rangoon-gmh-9.jpg20070927-rangoon-gmh-10.jpg20070927-rangoon-gmh-11.jpg (VDO) (VDO)

Eyewitness accounts: 20070927-rangoon.mp3 20070927-rangoon-2.mp3 20070927-rangoon-3.mp3 20070927-rangoon-4.mp3 20070927-rangoon-5.mp3 20070927-rangoon-6.mp3 (MP3, Burmese)

27 September 2007, Myanmar Consulate, Hong Kong

20070927-hong-kong-1.JPG 20070927-hong-kong-3.JPG20070927-hong-kong-4.JPG

27 September 2007, Myanmar Embassy, Seoul


26 September 2007, Rangoon

20070926-rangoon-ssy-1.jpg 20070926-rangoon-ssy-2.jpg20070926-rangoon-kht-1.jpg20070926-rangoon-mg-1.jpg20070926-rangoon-mg-2.jpg20070926-rangoon-kht-2.jpg20070926-rangoon-kht-3.jpg20070926-rangoon-kht-4.jpg20070926-rangoon-kht-6.jpg20070926-rangoon-kht-5.jpg20070926-rangoon-mmed-1.jpg20070926-rangoon-mmed-2.jpg20070926-rangoon-mmed-3.jpg20070926-rangoon-gmhembree-1.jpg20070926-rangoon-gmhembree-2.jpg20070926-rangoon-gmhembree-3.jpg20070926-rangoon-gmhembree-4.jpg20070926-rangoon-gmhembree-5.jpg20070926-rangoon-gmhembree-6.jpg20070926-rangoon-gmhembree-7.jpg20070926-rangoon-gmhembree-8.jpg20070926-rangoon-gmhembree-9.jpg (VDO)

Eyewitness accounts: 20070926-rangoon.mp3
20070926-rangoon-2.mp3 20070926-rangoon-3.mp3 (MP3, Burmese)

26 September 2007, Myanmar Embassy, Manila

20070926-manila-2.JPG 20070926-manila-3.JPG20070926-manila-4.JPG20070926-manila-5.JPG20070926-manila-6.JPG20070926-manila-7.JPG

25 September 2007, Rangoon


24 September 2007, Rangoon


24 September 2007, Mogok, Mandalay Division

23 September 2007, Rangoon

22 September 2007, Mandalay

21 September 2007, Rangoon

21 September 2007, Monywa, Magwe Division

21 September 2007, Mogok, Mandalay Division

20 September 2007, Rangoon (VDO)

19 September 2007: Rangoon (VDO)

18 September 2007, Rangoon (VDO)

18 September 2007, Mogok, Mandalay Division

5 September 2007, Bogalay, Irrawaddy Division

28 August 2007, Rangoon (VDO)

25 August 2007, taking away Ko Htin Kyaw and colleague (Rangoon) (VDO)

22 August 2007, Rangoon (VDO)

Source: PDC


Milking the cow dry (August 23)

The right to provoke (September 7)

The anatomy of thuggery (September 21)

Burma’s Saffron Revolution (September 27)

What the junta has lost (October 5)

Bickering about sanctions gets Burma nowhere (October 11)

Teaching grandma how to peel onions (October 25)

The generals’ mythical compromise (November 9)

Rice and rationality (November 12)

“Only for questioning” and the disavowal of law (November 23)

Sources of some photos:

(Amateur video also on the same page)

PLEASE READ: Regarding copyright on photos (Burmese) (Lots of video too)

Thanks to Burma’s new generation — bloggers!

16 responses to “Saffron Revolution

  1. Fantastic and informative web site.

  2. This is fantastic media! Thankyou!

  3. This is such great reporting. Thank you for publishing these photos and all this information!

    Montego Bay

  4. Doing a great job man. Keep reporting. Only way not to feel so damn powerless in this situation.

  5. Is it possible this crisis, like the color-revolutions, were manufactured? If you don’t know look up the name Robert Helvey.

    Anug San Suu Kyi’s connection with the CIA (thru our intelops like DIA officer Col. Robert Helvey) and the Karen insurgency is an open secret:

  6. I would like to use some of these photos to help spread the word about the situation in Burma, but I don’t know what the permissions are. Any suggestions?

  7. Dear Ruby

    To the best of my knowledge, all of the photos came from local persons (and one or two persons from abroad) who distributed them freely through blogs and some other channels. Some of them explicitly wrote that there should be no copyright on any of their pictures.

    I kept a record of where I obtained them all and if you want to know for specific pictures and try to seek out the original source then please make another post. But keep in mind that it will be nigh impossible to contact any of the bloggers in Burma these days.

    I did my best to weed out all of the agency photos (Reuters, AP, AFP, etc.) but if you see any that you saw elsewhere that may be under licence, please let me know and I will take them off if found to be so.


  8. Great. If I use any of these I will link back to this page to give credit. Thank you so much for sharing these pictures with the world!

  9. Please give thanks to the brave photographers and bloggers in Burma, many of whom are now in very serious danger.

  10. can you send me more pictures on burma

  11. Most of the pictures that I have on the protests are here. There were many photos taken by agency photographers, but you should pay to use them.

  12. Well, keep it up, the world needs to see some real at last, there is much bravery here with these beautiful people, wish there was more one could do. . .

  13. KB — you can read through some of the Urgent Updates of the AHRC to get some ideas about what more you can do:

  14. it is great!! really appreciate for your brave deed.

  15. I appreciates your braveness and i will always support you guy’s.Good luck

  16. aung myat thu2007

    should study thoroughly this website to
    understand what happened those days.

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